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Why Concept Mental Health?

We opened Concept Mental Health because we have a passion for helping others. We have a strong desire to help people who are struggling with mental health issues. We have seen firsthand how mental health challenges can impact a person's quality of life, and we wanted to create a space where people can feel safe and supported as they navigate these challenges.


We were frustrated with the mental health system. We have seen how difficult it can be for people to access quality mental health care. Long wait times, high costs, and a lack of resources can make it challenging for people to get the help they need. We have opened our clinic to provide an alternative to the traditional mental health system, one that is more accessible, affordable, and effective.


We have an entrepreneurial spirit. We have a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to create something that can serve our community. We have seen a need for mental health services in our community and decided to take on the challenge of starting our own clinic.

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